Rainy days & the fireplace

Growing up in the mountains in a home heated only by a fireplace is natural to me. I have fond memories of my Mom boiling water on the wood stove and siting by the glow of the fire when the power goes off from a storm. I didn’t realize that a fireplace in the house is not natural to everyone. When we first started the Airbnb, I was surprised when the occasional potential guest would question our lack of central heating.

We always have an abundance of firewood on the property from trees that have fallen in the seasons before. We cut, split, and stack this wood for use in the Winter. If an Airbnb guest feels uncomfortable starting a fire, we are always able to help. This is a new experience itself for some guests.

Airbnb is so wonderful because people from all walks of life can experience new things. Something that seems so natural to me, can be a whole new experience to someone else. We love sharing Juju Paradise and our story with others.

Did you grow up with a fireplace? Drop us a comment below.

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