Angora Fever

With our beautiful paradise, it’s only natural that we have the most stunning goats to accompany it.

Future angora goat home

After tons of research, we found that angora goats will be the perfect addition to Juju Paradise.

To the untrained eye, the Angora goat could be mistaken for a sheep due to their thick, curly coat. They are the only breed of goat to produce a sought-after fiber known as mohair. Apart from being beautiful to look at, mohair is a popular material in the production of garments such as sweaters.

-Wide Open Pets

Angora goats are stunningly beautiful and provide mohair for my knitting & crocheting projects! I don’t drink goats milk, or eat goats milk cheese, BUT I do have a crazy thing for knitting and crocheting.


The hard part is tracking down these goats. We want a trustworthy breeder in California to supply us with two does and a two bucks. Quality over quantity for these beautiful animals. I ordered “Raising Angora Goats for Beautiful Mohair Paperback – by Sharon Chestnutt” to fuel my thirst for learning about Angoras, proper care, etc. Our animals are part of our family, so I want to be sure that we are able to provide a safe space for them.

The Colored Angora Breeders Association only lists ten breeders in the state of California. Hopefully, we will be able to find a reputable breeder to add angora goats to our family. Stay tuned on our journey. Hopefully I’ll be updating good news soon!


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