Craft Cannabis

Curious about cannabis?

Although we do not sell cannabis that is grown here at Juju Paradise, when in season, guests can see the six plant residential grow allowed by the county of Santa Cruz.

We are not a big corporation. We are a small Paradise in the mountains that loves growing fruits and vegetables. Growing a small amount of cannabis is a hobby at Juju- just like growing a beautiful lucid gem tomato.

If you don’t already understand the concept of craft cannabis, you may be wondering what exactly makes the cannabis… “craft”. Close your eyes and envision the craft beer industry. Just as a craft brewery puts emphasis on quality and production in limited amounts, so does a craft cannabis grower. Expect to taste the difference, because craft cannabis growers pour passion and love into every green leaflet!

Lineage Grow

We understand that our guests from other states and counties might be curious of what a cannabis plant looks like, grows like, and smells like. As a guest of Juju Paradise we would love to show you our small garden of craft cannabis.

I would say that craft cannabis is cannabis grown on a smaller level, with the ultimate amount of love poured into every leaf of every plant. Craft cannabis is grown using organic methods and soil inputs, and the finished product is the finest cannabis on the planet. Craft cannabis is not mass produced using a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that may be fine for other agricultural crops. Craft cannabis is not corporate cannabis, at least not in my opinion.

-Johnny Green, Weed News

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